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The Lego Movie
Box Office: The LEGO Movie continues it's dominance

Box Office: The LEGO Movie continues it's dominance

This past week and weekend saw a lot of films released. RoboCop, Endless Love, Winter's Tale and About Last Night all being released nationwide, with the latter being the biggest achiever.

About Last Night's appeal was it's date night tag— which helped it fair very strongly on Valentine's Day. The remake opened to an estimated $27M, making it the best opening romantic film since 2012's Think Like a Man ($33.6M). Kevin Hart can claim About Last Night as another successful opening— although it didn't reach the heights of his other release, Ride Along, which opened to $41.5M five weeks ago.

A slow mid-week start to the remake of RoboCop was soon put to bed when it rebounded to take $21.5M over the weekend. It's weekend comeback doesn't make the film a complete success, as it was predicted to make more during it's opening week. It's still a fairly competitive total, but early indications suggest RoboCop would surprise a lot if it did surpass the $70M mark.

In it's second week at theatres, The LEGO Movie continued to annihilate it's challengers. It's slight 29% drop didn't slow it down as it brought in a phenomenal $48.8M. In it's first two weeks, The LEGO Movie has made $129M at the box office, and is nailed on to meet, and probably pass, the $200M total gross.

North American Box Office: February 14th-16th
1. The LEGO Movie $48.8M (2nd week)
2. About Last Night $27M (1st week)
3. RoboCop $21.5M (1st week)
4. The Monuments Men $15M (2nd week)
5. Endless Love $13.3M (1st week)
6. Ride Along $8.7M (5th week)
7. Winter's Tale $7.7M (1st week)
8. Frozen $5.8M (13th week)
9. Lone Survivor $4M (8th week)
10. That Awkward Moment $3.3M (3rd week)

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