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The Lego Movie
Box Office: The LEGO Movie destroys it's competition for the third straight weekend

Box Office: The LEGO Movie destroys it's competition for the third straight weekend

The LEGO Movie is officially a box office juggernaut. This past weekend saw it easily squash new releases 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii— both doing little to attract moviegoers away from The LEGO Movie.

Although falling 37% to an estimated $31.5M this past weekend, The LEGO Movie is still dwarfing it's challengers. During it's seventeen days at the cinema, it has earned $182M and Warner Bros announced this past week they are indeed moving along with a sequel which is scheduled for a Memorial Day 2017 release.

Second place went to 3 Days To Kill starring Kevin Costner, which took an estimated $12.3M. That's slightly lower than The Family, which was the last release between Relativity Media and producer Luc Besson. 3 Days To Kill's narrative is very much like Taken starring Liam Neeson, but in fact, 3 Days To Kill was marketed like a standard action movie. Initial reports suggests this may of hurt 3 Days To Kill's interest with moviegoers.

Big-budget release Pompeii crumbled in at number three, taking a measly $10M. In terms of recent big-budget films, it was a disaster. The marketing of the film didn't help it's cause with it loosely highlighting the romantic story in it's trailers and press releases. It seemingly only focussed on it's special effects achievements (which are impressive) but by doing this, failed to engage an audience to pay money to actually watch the film.

RoboCop took fourth place after falling 57% to take $9.4M this weekend. So far it's earned $43.6M at the box office and is almost a certainty to not reach the $70M total. The Monuments Men rounded out the top five bringing in $8.1M and has so far grossed a pretty solid $58M amidst mixed critical reviews.

North American Weekend Top 10 (February 21st-23rd)
1. The LEGO Movie $31.5M (3rd week)
2. 3 Days To Kill $12.3M (1st week)
3. Pompeii $10M (1st week)
4. RoboCop $9.4M (2nd week)
5. The Monuments Men $8.1M (3rd week)
6. About Last Night $7.4M (2nd week)
7. Ride Along $4.6M (6th week)
8. Frozen $4.3M (14th week)
9. Endless Love $4.3M (2nd week)
10. Winter's Tale $2.1M (2nd week)

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