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'Deadpool' Producer on why the Film Worked

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Deadpool's success is undisputable. It went through the wringer to make it to the big screen, and was so seamless in its quality and confidence, and seemed so simple up on the big screen. When asked by THR what set the film apart, producer Simon Kinberg elaborated on what's probably already been said.

"There's a lot of differences, I feel like the biggest was the self-reverential nature of the movie, more than the R rating and the violence and the sex. All of that was more heightened than what you can do in a PG-13 film but to me, creatively at least, it was the fact that the movie comments on other movies.

"That's something superhero movies traditionally haven't done and most movies don't do. I think it's part of why it's so successful, because people are so fluent in these films now. I mean, I've made a few [superhero movies], but many more have been made. It is the dominant, the number one, genre in movies now.

"I think people are ready for a movie that could make fun of other superhero films. [Deadpool] was almost the opposite from the X-Men movies that are very dramatic and self-serious and operatic. This is like punk rock."

Director Tim Miller gave a basic assessment of his approach to the film, and why it worked. "Even when I read the script, at no moment did I feel like "Oh my God, I'm breaking new cinematic ground here." I just felt like: I like this script, it's funny, and we're going to make a movie."

Source: THR

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