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GoT: Se. 7 Ep. 1: Dragonstone; Review

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor Game of Thrones is back, and the season premier of the hit show tees up the entire season brilliantly. (Spoiler free)

Teeing up for Season 7

The astounding show is back, and as usual, I found myself whistling along to the entire introduction theme song which, lets face it, is impossible not to do. I shall keep this as spoiler free and to the point as possible, as there is nothing worse then coming across a spoiler for one of your favourite shows. In short, Dragonstone is the setting up of all the major key players and events set to come; Cersei planning to attack more or less everyone she hates or sees as a threat, Daenerys finally reaching Westeros and landing at Dragonstone with her army and dragons, Jorah's continuing illness, Sansa and John with Little Finger doing his usual sly and plot planning, and the person who is going to be a key player for Cersei, being Euron Greyjoy; also Arya Stark making some major moves.


Well, all of it really. There was not a wasted moment through out this entire episode. The opening sequence with Arya was brilliant and left my jaw firmly on the floor. I feel as though that is going to a be common theme through out this season of Game of Thrones, going off the trailers it looks to be full of spectacular sequences, battles and moments.

The conflict between Cersei and Jaime looks to be one of interest. Cersei during the episode seemed to be so blinded by rage and a want of death to all, that she may overlook additional threats that she may miss. Their will be one of high interest through out the season.

Arya, Sansa and Jon are definitely going to be key players. Arya has a strong grasp of becoming faceless and adopting the persona and character of other people. However, like Cersei and Jaime, Sansa and Jon look to be conflicting with each other already; Jon adopts a more open approach to past misdeeds and conflict with other houses in the North whereas Sansa stands strong on the principle that they should not join with those who conspired or thought against the Starks. A fair view on both sides, however, Jon has more weight to his argument; Winter is here. The army of the dead are coming with it. They need to band together, or die. This will be an ongoing key aspect of this season.

Other points.

Sam as a Maester, I thought was going to drag out similar to the lacking parts of season 5 in Dawn, they were not awful, but compared to the rest they certainly lacked something and dragged on too much. Thankfully, Sam's time in the library and additional services in the Citadel was handled brilliantly. The editing made it pass quick, showing a montage of his daily duties, speeding up and up and up, receiving a couple of laughs on my end. It could have dragged out needlessly, but thankfully it was handled well; quick and good story telling and setting up Sam's likely usefulness during this rocky time in Westeros.

The final sequence is utterly wonderful. Daenery's arriving at Dragonstone, the music is incredible and caused me to well up with emotion. Testament to the power of the score in this series. It is brilliant, wonderful storytelling with very little dialogue in the last 5-10 minutes of the show. For me, from when we rejoin Daenery's on the ships approaching Dragonstone to the credits, was my personal favourite part of this episode.

It should also be mentioned that the production; costumes, cinematography (Which is done wonderfully, with countless beautiful shots), direction, sets, acting, basically everything, is top notch.

All in all, a brilliant season opener and I yearn for more. Bring on season 7 of Game of Thrones.

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