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James Cameron gives details on Avatar sequels

James Cameron gives details on Avatar sequels

James Cameron recently talked to RTL about the upcoming three sequels to Avatar, which still holds the record as the top grossing movie of all time ($2.782billion worldwide).

"We're still in early stages. Right now we're developing the software and I'm writing the scripts. We're designing all the creatures, characters, the settings and so on. So, I'm not actually directing yet, but I'm doing all the other creative processes that lead up to that," Cameron said.

He added that he thinks "it's going well. I think it's going to be spectacular. You'll see new worlds, new habitats, new cultures. The primary conflict between the human view kind of dominating nature and the Na'vi view of being integrated into nature is the same, but it manifests itself in very different ways."

The proposed release schedule currently stands as Avatar 2 in December 2016, Avatar 3 in December 2017 and Avatar 4 sometime in 2018.

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