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John Travolta Stars in American Crime Story

John Travolta Opens Up on Upcoming FX Anthology American Crime Story

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell John Travolta hasn't been seen in a new TV role for three decades, and the actor is certainly not pulling any stops for FX's latest anthology series, The People . O.J. Simpson (the first in a series titled American Crime Story, a companion to American Horror Story).

"I decided to tackle it with a full court-press, if you will," the actor told reporters at the Television Crtiics Association winter press tour.

Travolta plays one of many defense attorneys on Simpson's "dream team" in the 10-part series detailing the trial of O.J. Simpson. As Shapiro, Travolta undergoes physical transformation, with the actor having "felt a duty to adhere" to how Shapiro truly looked at the time of the trial.

"I actually couldn't wait to look like that and perform in that voice because that's part of the joy of acting. I felt like I had to do enough of him because he is a famous character and he is one that we remember visually."

Travolta was confident in playing the lawyer, a role he's commonly played over the years. "Over the last 40 years, I've had quite a bit of dealings with lawyers. It felt like the back of my hand." The actor certainly did his research, reading books written by Shapiro, as well as vintage footage from the trial.

The series premieres Feb 2 on FX.

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