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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in "Passengers"

Lonely in Space

ChrisChavez ChrisChavez Movies that take place in space, normally have an alien type element that drives the story along. Some attack on a space crew or an attack on earth is norm when the space genre is mentioned. But with Passengers, we are given a movie that deals with isolation. Chris Pratt's character ''Jim Preston'' and Jennifer Lawerence ''Aurora Lane'' are aboard a colony ship called ''Starship Avalon''. The Avalon is transporting 5,259 passengers towards a new planet called ''Homestead Colony'. Their goal is to make Homestead their new earth. To make the journey from Earth to Homestead, all passengers are put in a hibernation sleeping pod. A system malfunction, prematurely opens two of the sleeping pods 90 year to soon. Jim and Aurora are stranded on the Avalon. What Aurora doesn't know, is the Jim is the one who woke her up by tinkering with her sleeping pod. His isolation alone the Avalon for over a year, made him desperate for human interaction. Passengers brought a unique love story that began with just the simple notion of being alone. No one wants to be alone in this world, but when you are forced with the decision to live your entire life alone until death or to have the chance to bring someone along with you...what would you do? I enjoyed this movie and love that fact that it ended on a positive note that they both decided to live their entire life together. Love finds a way even in deep space.

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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez

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