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Mad Max: Fury Road

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This film is at the top of my list for new releases in 2015! Mad Max: Fury Road is technically the fourth installment to George Miller's Mad Max Franchise. Prior to Fury Road being released, I attempted to watch the first Mad Max and sadly I struggled with keeping my attention on the late 70's masterpiece. However, I can say that as a child I do remember some of the EPIC desert scenes; which also take me back to the Tupac/Dr Dre “California Love” music video.

Without further adieu, Lets discuss about Fury Road...

Mad Max: Fury Road

In an apocalyptic desert wasteland where everyone has tricked out rides, and unique fashion choices. We are introduced the namesake of this film Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), who is captured by a group of War Boys and is taken back to "The Citadel", which is a territory that is ruled by Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne).

Mad Max: Who Killed The World
Mad Max: Who Killed The World

During a routine trip to a neighboring alliance territory called "Gas Town"; Joe sends his Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) with a group of War Boys to collect guzzoline. While Furiosa is enroute to Gas Town she takes the War Rig off road, and heads towards the open desert.

Immortan Joe concludes that Furiosa was using the routine endeavor as a way to assist with the escape of Joe's five wives. Joe calls for all of his War Boys to go out into the desert to stop Furiosa and to return his wives back to The Citadel.

Sick War Boy, Nuk (Nicholas Hoult) is currently using Max as a human blood bag, and takes Max with him while he attempts to bring back Joe's wives and he could be forever shiny and chrome...


1.) WITNESS ME!!! Shiny and Chrome...

In the apocalypse, we are taking huffing to a whole other level.

2.) The Doof!

It was a little silly; I giggled every time I saw Doof on the screen. In my opinion I felt that his character could have been taken out of the movie. However, If the Doof was the vision that George Miller has.. then so it shall be!

3.) Watching this movie made me thirsty.

Was it just me, or did anyone else feel extremely thirsty because of the constant desert scenery and constant flames/explosions?


Two Words! Imperator Furiosa!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always admired strong females that at a drop can kick some major booty. Imperator does it with even 1 ½ arms!

This movie is hands down the best film (so far) in 2015!

If you're hoping to catch this film in theaters.. HURRY!

On the plus side.. it's currently available for Digital Purchase thru Apple, Google Play and Vudu. If you're waiting for Blu-Ray, it is scheduled to be released on September 1.

Thanks for reading!-Stina :)

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