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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez December 18th, 2009 is when we all got our first glimpse at James Cameron's Avatar. The movie went on to set records for the highest grossing movie and multi Oscars nominations. Now in 2016, an announcement was made that a sequel is in the works. Then we get word that we will not be getting a sequel, but four films in total that will be shooting back to back. Avatar did not have the most original of stories. The underlining storyline was that of Dances with Wolves and FernGully combined. But this movie did break ground for how motion capture was used and how 3D technology would be incorporated in feature films. Visually Avatar was breathtaking. It took us to a world unlike one that we have seen before. Creatures that can only be described as unique and beautiful, landscapes that took your breath away. Since 2009, motion capture has increased in what it is capable of. So how can James Cameron expand this universe and continue to capture the magic from 2009? It all begins with a stronger story. The visuals will be top of it's class and I have no reason to believe otherwise. I'm not saying that they should not make more Avatar movies, but simply binding the next four with a story that will entice audiences. Star Wars is a perfect example of this. At the time, Star Wars made a huge wave in how movies where filmed. The visuals were so new and exciting much like Avatar, but the story back up the visuals. Star Wars could have had a low budget and still would have made an impact just with it's story linking perfectly together. As of today, only a release date of 2018 has been announced. Until then, we will all wait and see what James Cameron has in store for us.

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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez

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