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Miss You Already

BlairwolffNoah BlairwolffNoah Even with her making some disastrous films at times and even when her career was pretty much dead in the 90's, I've always supported Drew Barrymore.

I grew up with her in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and it surely put her on the map. I have found most of her comedies especially the ones with Adam Sandler to be very unfunny, but still found other comedies of hers like Going the Distance and Fever Pitch to be at least watchable. Even for such a small role, her being in the first Scream was such an iconic scene for horror and herself. Miss You Already is such a nice step for her and something completely different from the usual films we get from Barrymore.

Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Barrymore) have been lifelong friends after Jess moves to England in her childhood. Even with at times different personalities, they have always supported each other. Now Miley is diagnosed with cancer and Jess having her first child of her own, the two must bond together at such an important time.

It will always be a classic film but Toni Collette was really the unsung hero of Sixth Sense. She's been in so many roles and always have had that "mom" vibe. Her character Milly in this brings so much to the table. She's a part rocker, part mom, and a part cancer patient. You go through so much with this character and it's really hard not to like her, even if she goes through some rough spots. Even with Barrymore bringing that same vibe that she does to every character that she plays, it's still a likable character and you root for her every step of her pregnancy. Let alone, you have good actors like Paddy Considine and Dominic Cooper in the secondary roles.

It works on so many levels but being set in Britain helps a lot along the way. It's able to use good British humor, British culture that plays into the plot and most importantly, it's so different for Barrymore. She basically proved she can work with a British plot.

Even though filled much more estrogen elements than before walking into the screening, Miss You Already has a lot going for it. It makes you want Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore do more things together because they really are a nice duo. Sadly a film likely to get overshadowed when things like Spectre and The Peanuts Movie are coming out this weekend.


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