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mother! - Movie Review

ImFrancoBosco ImFrancoBosco Wow, this film is tough to put into words. Here's the most vague review of the most controversial, thought-provoking film of 2017... Here's my take on Darren Aronofsky's newest artwork, "mother!'

mother! is directed and written by Darren Aronofsky, the director who brought audiences such films as The Wrestler to Black Swan and if you've seen this man's work, you know you're in for something mind-bending.

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are a couple that live in a big, peaceful house in isolation from everything. All is going smoothly for the two as they build their home until a series of uninvited guests begin to visit.

And that's all I can say about the synopsis because this will most likely be my most vague review of a film yet. "mother!" is easily the most intensely polarizing, yet pretentious film of the year.

The characters in this film are not characters, they are bodies for allegories and metaphors. While the performances from Lawrence and Bardem are very strong, they simply don't feel real enough to grow any sort of attachment. They're just the director's puppets, making them go through these unconventional motions.

Darren Aronofsky is, without doubt, a tremendously talented artist and director. There's also no doubt Aronofsky is trying to convey a message to audiences with this film. You can tell this man takes so much pride into his work and it shows in "mother!" without question, the hardcore craftsmanship is on display.

Upon further analysis of this story, I honestly can't find the concrete message Aronofsky was trying to say. All I can say about "mother!" is that there are biblical implications and consequences to this world's actions that Aronofsky has crafted.

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in "mother!"
Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in "mother!"

I did, however, become fully aware of the running themes in "mother!" and those themes were quite apparent. It's almost too apparent and that's my biggest gripe about the film. Aronofsky repeatedly bashes the audiences over the head with these symbolic representations throughout the two hour run-time that, by the end, will make for a tedious final product.

I'm completely fine with movies attempting to convey an idea to its audience, there's nothing wrong with trying to get a point across. However, "mother!" is mean-spirited in its attempted execution to say something meaningful. In doing so, the film's supposed moral is just bogged down by a succession of downright insanity that ultimately becomes very repetitive and preachy.

Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem
Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem

Final Take

All in all, "mother!" could have easily been a fifteen minute short film about its theological message. That being said, if this isn't one twisted, thought-provoking piece of art then I don't know what is. This is not the horror-thriller the marketing trailers have made it out to be, it's something much more deeper.

I'm going to give "mother!" a solid "C" on the movie grading scale. Without question, "mother!" will spark discussions whether it's a masterpiece or just arty garbage. This is the kind of movie that should be studied and analyzed for future cinema classes.

As always, thanks so much for reading and make sure to stay posted to Frank’s Takes for more reviews. Until next time, keep it 100.

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