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No Escape

StinaManley StinaManley Hey Everyone! Here is an early premiere review of the film 'No Escape'.

This film is scheduled to be released nationwide on August 26.

Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) has just accepted a job that had uproot his family (Wife, Annie (Lake Bell), and daughters Lucy (Sterling Jerins) and Beeze (Claire Geare)) from Austin, Texas to Southeast Asia (Cambodia).

While the Dwyer family were on their flight to Cambodia, A civil war had started abruptly causing the government to fall and a group of rebel fighters running rampant through the city causing chaos.

During the flight, the Dwyer family became acquaintances with a man named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) who was a frequent traveler to this country.

While Jack was attempting to locate a newspaper “USA Today” outside of the hotel thru the local markets to explore what his new home had to offer. Listening to the street performers playing their instruments, and seeing what the street vendors offer for food were some of the things that were focused on. After Jack obtained his newspaper and was attempting to return to the hotel he noticed that armed police dressed in riot gear is walking thru the roads of the market place and approaching a group of militant rebels.

The war start there, and Jack runs back to the hotel and he passes the places he just explored he sees the path of destruction that the rebels have caused. Once he gets to the hotel, the rebels are already there. Pulling tourist for the hotel and instantly killing them. In absolute terror, Jack runs to find his family.

If you're interested in viewing the official trailer you can do so here.

What I struggled with on this film...

So I understand that children (movies and real life) would not be calm or needless to “cool as a cucumber” within a chaotic scenario.

However, there was a couple of scenes that made me facepalm myself and say...

“Chris, we are going to raise our kids to be survivalist because I could not deal with those kids!”

In the trailer, Owen announces that they should go to the American Embassy to seek refuge. Is it just me, but wouldn't that be one of the first places the rebels would be to ambush any tourists from getting into the embassy.

Dont mind me.. Just thinking out loud. :)


MOTHERF-ING KENNY ROGERS!!!! (When you see the movie it will make sense)

I have been to the Philippines and Vietnam, and when watching this film it reminded of both places.

Seeing the Kenny Rogers Taxi vehicle reminded me of the heavily decorated and always unique Philippines Jeepneys.

Below is a personal photo that I took in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

The street markets in ‘No Escape’ reminded me exactly of the markets in Saigon, and how there were metal doors on the outside of every building.

Owen Wilson seriously blows this movie away!

Usually when you think of Owen, his comedic abilities always come into mind. Sadly he is typecast as mainly a comedian; However in this film he shows us that he can do much more than throwing down a punchline! Even amidst of all of the dramatic and seriousness that the storyline had, there were still moments some jokes were cracked, but it was all done appropriately.

Overall Thoughts

This film will have you on the edge of your seat!

There is some uncomfortable, horrific scenes that are displayed in this film. Overall this was a very entertaining film and I recommend you go catch this film when it's released on Wednesday, August 26!

Thanks for reading! - Stina :)


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