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'Stranger Things' Eyeing a Four or Five Season Run

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Stranger Things arrived with a major bang, and became a quick favourite for many. It's not surprising in the least that Netflix renewed it, and season 2 is on its way this year. But while fans are scrambling more, there's always an endgame in sight. Or, that is, there should be.

Creators and showrunners Ross and Matt Duffer spoke with EW about the future of the series. And instead of eyeing an infinite future, the two have a very grounded vision for the show's life. “Everything changes as we move forward so we’ll see,” says Ross Duffer. Adds Matt Duffer, “I want it to have a really finite ending. I don’t want it to be one of those shows that runs out of gas and they lose it because they’re losing interest. You wanna end when you’re on top.”

This is a sentiment that needs to be applauded. The best shows of the past decade are those that knew when to finish. The greatest comparison is something like Breaking Bad, which ran for five seasons, and Dexter, which ran eight. One of those will be remembered forever, and the other will be remembered only for its slow decline from about halfway through its run.

Stranger Things season 2 is being approached as a sequel, not a traditional follow-up in television terms, which is something I've noticed of Netflix series. Many of the creators there are starting to change the mould, and these shows are unfolding more like novels or long films as opposed to TV. It makes for less serialised but, arguably, more fulfilling viewing experiences.


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