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Brooklyn Poster - Saoirse Ronan

Brooklyn Film Review

AmandaGee AmandaGee Brooklyn seen as a city of opportunity for a young lady from Ireland who's sister wanted to give her a better life. The simplicity of the story allowed for it to be extremely heartfelt and endearing. Saiorse Ronan gives a truthful performance as a determined young woman trying to create a life for herself in Brooklyn. It was light and playful but it had depth the hardship that comes along with leaving your city and starting a brand new life, a brand new identity allowed it to be meaningful. There was a seamless flow to this film and it was powerful, it was empowering. The one person I absolutely adored was Emory Cohen he played the Italian boy that she fell in love with. It was if the audience was falling in love with him just as she was, which made me love the loveI was witnessing on screen because it was all so genuine, it was all so pure and innocent. It was such a beautiful film, they depicted both cultures properly especially in 1950's Brooklyn. The historical authenticity of Brooklyn was on point as well. It was so well crafted and perfectly made, I really loved this movie. It was a well rounded film filled with laughs and tears, filled with many wonderful performances.

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AmandaGee AmandaGee

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