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Captain America and Iron Man fight

Captain America: Civil War Trailer Review

filmsRgood filmsRgood There is really nothing better than waking up on a Wednesday morning and having a notification on my phone saying there was a Civil War trailer out. Especially when it is AMAZING!!!!

The first scene is the scene we saw in the post credit scene in Ant-Man with some lines from Bucky this time. Then the Marvel logo shows up and the most perfect trailer music I may have heard (just as good as the Star Wars trailer). The music just fitted what happened in the trailer, you could’ve just listened to the music and had an idea of the what the trailer was showing.

The entire tone of the trailer is flawless, it’s dramatic and emotional. Also complemented massively by the great dialogue choices for the trailer, which tell us a story but you don’t feel like you know a story. This trailer shows us so much without showing us anything at all and I love that. Marvel respects its audience, they don’t think we are morons. They don’t give all the film away, we don’t really have any idea what the plot even will be yet.

There are snippets of what look like are going to be amazing fight scenes. Where we see Black Panther and boy does he look amazing. His costume looks awesome and there’s one scene where Cap is chasing him and Black Panther is getting away from him, could he be more powerful than cap (surely not, right?).

The way Robert Downey Jr says “sometime I want to punch you in your stupid teeth” you can feel the tension in the room it touches you through the screen. In a film like Age of Ultron that would be seen as a nice little quip but in this film there is weight to it and he means it. The emotional connection they build up in just a trailer is outstanding the bit where cap says “he’s my friend” and Stark replies “so was I” OH MY GOD. I cry every time, the choice of words there is perfect and Downey delivers it amazingly (I’m running out of positive adjectives to use).

There has been doubts that this film will be Avengers 2.5 bu this trailer completely debunks that, this film is CAPTAIN AMERICA Civil War and it is all cap. The film, from what I can tell, is about cap protecting Bucky it is about those two and Iron man and the rest of the avengers just happen to be in the movie. Another doubt about this movie that this trailer debunked was that there would be no stakes to the fight scenes between the heroes. That they will be slapstick in a way but the scene where Stark is holding War Machine and looks like he is almost crying or the final scene where Bucky and Cap are tag teaming Iron Man, which is truly jaw dropping every time my eyes gaze upon its beauty, there is stakes in this film. They are going out looking to hurt each other maybe even kill.

This trailer is amazing and I don’t care how many times I’ve used that word it just is.

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filmsRgood filmsRgood

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