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Check Out Exclusive Photos From 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Courtesy Entertainment Weekly

GregHarmon GregHarmon Managing Editor After twenty-eight years and four lackluster installments, Linda Hamilton returns as badass hero Sarah Conner in the series sixth installment - Terminator: Dark Fate.

And in less than three days, fans will get to hear from the cast and crew of Terminator: Dark Fate, including Linda Hamilton, at San Diego Comic-Con! Entertainment Weekly sat down with Hamilton and director Tim Miller to give fans a sneak peek ahead of this week’s panel, including two new pics!

EW’s story, which can be read here, features a treasure trove of consumable nuggets, including confirmation that Dark Fate will serve as the true follow-up to Cameron’s 1984 Terminator and 1991's masterpiece Terminator: Judgment Day. Meaning, Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, and Terminator Genysis will all be disavowed as series canon heading into November’s big release. Not a total shocker.


Hamilton addressed her apprehension to return to the series in addition to what brought her back, including three phone calls from James Cameron: "He [Cameron] called me three times before I even called him back. The third time, he was like, 'it’s about work,' and I’m like, 'Oh, hey, what’s up?' But, even with that and his big sell, it took me weeks to decide that I really could go there and might have something new to say."

Interestingly, Miller dives into the 'big sell' by sharing the key differentiator between Dark Fate and its three predecessors in that, Fate will explore the fallout of Judgment Day's destruction of Cyberdyne and the "true consequences" Sarah and others must face as a result:

This will be more clear when you see the movie, but the first two movies really deal with time as a loop, what’s happening is the same thing that happened before and everybody is fighting to ensure that happens again. And Jim had this lucky break that he only broke that rule at the end of Terminator 2 when Sarah destroys Cyberdyne, it’s the first thing that happened that hadn’t happened before, and so it was going to change the future — but no one knew how. And I don’t think the movies that came after it really explored that in a clean way like I believe we are, with true consequences, and it makes perfect sense for Sarah to be the one to face those consequences since they were her choices, to begin with.

It's hard to believe we are three months away from seeing this trilogy unfold. Hopefully, Comic Con will help generate some much-needed buzz for a film that sounds like will deliver the goods.

Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters November 1, 2019


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GregHarmon GregHarmon Managing Editor

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