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Creator Robert Kirkman Discusses Outcast, Compares it to The Walking Dead

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Comic book creator Robert Kirkman is about to put out his next series to follow in the footsteps of The Walking Dead. Outcast is a supernatural tale about a man named Kyle Barnes, whose life is invaded by unseen threats as he aids the Church minister in a series of exorcisms on the possessed.

Sitting down with EW, Kirkman discussed the two properties, comparing it to both AMC's The Walking Dead as well as its own comic book series. "If The Walking Dead is the zomibe movie that never ends... Outcast is about people treating demonic possession as a solvable problem."

"So as opposed to performing an exorcism and leaving, packing up your stuff like, "call me up when the next one happens," these people are going to be engaged in what's actually going on, how to prevent it, and how to stop it once and for all."

"...Our exorcisms involve Kyle Barnes, who is not trained in any kind of exorcism lore and is not religious in any way and has no affiliations to any church...[his abilities] are very unique and I would say far more violent than a typical exorcist would be.

"...He's going to be exorcising a wide range of people, including a small child in our first episode, which I think is gonna be something people are talking about, let's just say that."

"It's a pretty remarkable scene. I'm excited for people to check it out." Outcast premieres on Cinemax in 2016.

Source: Comicbook

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