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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez Buckle up kids! Deadpool has finally arrived to give us the skin tight, red jump suit, blade wielding ass kicking we've been craving. Gone are the days where a character in a feature film realizes that he himself is in a movie. By breaking the fourth wall to ensure a unique film experience this movie nails it on so many levels.

Let's begin with the marketing campaign. Any movie that erects a billboard with an emoji con that cleverly displays the title of the movie has my money already. Clearly the marketing team enjoyed working on this project. Who can blame them right! This billboard tells us that this movie doesn't take itself seriously. And that's the point!

I am a comic book nut and as one, I can relate to past and current projects that deal with serious issues and or material that requires a more adult type dialogue. Deadpool came along at the correct time. Sure it took Ryan Reynolds and Company 11 years to get this movie off the ground (In house leaked test footage) But this movie has combined all the things that us as adult comic book readers wanted to see in a movie. With the soon to be release of Batman V Superman, Civil War, a movie had to come along and shake things up. Right from the opening credits you realize that this movie is going to be a ride.

Deadpool has an indie feel to it which I think has added to its large box office success. Its budget was not as large as let's say... Avengers, but it gave the fans something that we had never seen...A true comic book adaptation. In my opinion it is the only comic book movie thus far that pulls from the source material like a bodybuilder from tanning beds.

So before you bash this movie for being too bloody or too sexual for your taste, remember that comic book movies are a dime a dozen. But once in a great while, one will come along and rattle the cages of the comic book industry. Open up your mind and just relax and let your stress drip away into a puddle all over the movie theater floor. Movies are supposed to be fun and are meant to take you to a place where you can forget your daily stresses. It is a rated R movie and children should not be allowed to view this film. But who am I to judge you on you're parenting skills? I have a dog in a studio apartment. I don't know anything about parenting.

In closing, relax and enjoy your life and the wonderful movies that make us all go... Oh man did he just cut off his own hand?!

Deadpool....Get it?
Deadpool....Get it?

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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez

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