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Dinosaur 13: Film Review

SDeathrage SDeathrage An intriguing documentary of court case surrounding the discovery of the first complete T-Rex.

The story of the discovery of the first complete T-Rex fossil, and the ensuing court battle surrounding it, is explored in this compelling documentary. As of 1990, only 12 skeletons had been discovered, and the majority of the specimens were only 40% complete. Discovered in the Badlands of South Dakota, from paleontologists digging in 115 degree heat, vintage videos of excavation show the slow, meticulous care over the 17 days to excavate it, using methods from ancient Egypt.

Although purchased from the landowner for $5,000, the FBI confiscated the fossil, claimed it was discovered on Native American land. Amidst protestors trying to bring the fossil back to the small town near its discovery, a judge decided the fossil was real estate.

Another complex court case soon followed, with hundreds of indictments, including money laundering and wire fraud. A tense and harrowing story, Dinosaur 13 ends on a bittersweet note.

Trailer: Dinosaur 13

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SDeathrage SDeathrage

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