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Eddie The Eagle

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Next to the zombie genre, sports dramas are the most cliche genre. Most films use the same gimmick and same stories. I've seen too many football film and learned so many non-fiction and fiction stories. If I told you we were getting a ski jumping sports film, you would give me a dumbfound look

Ski jumping started in the 1924 Olympic games and the first records of it ever were in 1809 in Norway. Maybe the most famous story is Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards who basically was this random guy who was the first person to represent Great Britain in the Olympic games.

The film adaption of Eddie "The Eagle" has Taron Egerton playing Eddie. Hugh Jackman plays Eddie coach Bronsan Peary. A film following Eddie path to 1988 Omplyic games.

As much as anybody, ski jumping was a question mark coming into this. How would you shoot these ski scenes and make this interesting to an outsider because in reality ski jumping is not a popular sport at all? It's shot so well and it would seem so hard to shoot because as we learn there is a lot to ski jumping. You learn about ski jumping, the type of hills involved with the sport and your mostly in snow settings which is different for a sport film.

It would seem Eddie is the typical cliche character. He's geeky and literally pushes up his glasses up more times to count. Nobody every believed in him and why such we now. It would seem to come together as the simple underdog story that we've enough but he comes together differently. He has a style and charm unlike other sports story figures and different. He has passion for ski jumping that's really inspiring, he's is very much likable and he can carry this without a doubt. Even more so Bronson Peary could be considered a cliche character. That hotshot character that will only go his way and be so stubborn. Likely not as good as Eddie but Bronsan is another character that comes together so well and again very likable. As much as Taron Egerton who answers to the role offers, Hugh Jackman puts out such a solid performance and it's such a solid lead cast to make this work

Even more, it's style is something. Being that the true story took place in 1988, the film brings an 80's charm and props to all the cheesy ski jackets in this. Your set mostly in Germany and it brings a lot of European charm. A film that doesn't feel American. Again, more elements that aren't usually present in sports film.

A sports film where you actually learn about the sport. The story and adaptation that really came out of nowhere because the story based upon forgotten before. Eddie The Eagle is the true underdog story that we all wanted. The first great film from 2016.


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BlairwolffNoah BlairwolffNoah

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