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Ex Machina (2015) Review

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Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) a young programmer is selected by the CEO of Bluebook (Oscar Isaac) to take part in a once in a lifetime experiment to evaluate the human qualities of an A.I. named Ava (Alicia Vikander)

Jaw-dropping, unpredictable, mind-blowing; these are just a few words to describe this amazing and thought-provoking Sci-fi film, Ex Machina. Ex Machina’s take on A.I. is realistic and interesting. Rather than having a crazy Humans V robot showdown as some A.I movies do, Ex Machina takes on A.I in a sophisticated way by exploring the various questions, concepts and ideas people would normally have on A.I.

Once Caleb is selected for this exciting experiment, he gets the opportunity to stay with Nathan (Oscar Isaac) the CEO of the company he works for. When Caleb arrives at the isolated building you can already feel a mysterious atmosphere which carries throughout the movie. In this movie we observe the young programmer having various sessions (these are usually conversations between the two) with Ava to test her human qualities. This may not seem like much, but each session is engaging, stimulating and interesting to watch. Eventually their conversations start to take an unexpected turn as Ava starts to seduce Caleb during their sessions, which causes him to question Nathan, who created Ava.

Ex Machina has a small cast with intriguing characters, each actor is incredible and delivered amazing performances as their character. Honestly, I loved this movie it grabbed my attention and got me thinking about each character’s motive and who the bad guy really is. This movie was well-written and was filled with interesting dialogue from beginning to end; it was engaging, fascinating and breath-taking. Ex Machina didn’t have a massive budget or a massive cast but it was perfect, it wasn’t filled with unnecessary CGI, it made do with their budget and created a fantastic robot body which suited Alicia Vikander.

Ex Machina is a brilliant film with a surprising ending which is definitely worth a watch.

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