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'Her' - A Spike Jonze Love Story Spike Jonze winner Best Original Screenplay OSCAR® Her nominated for 5 Academy Awards Speed Drawing: Her Academy Conversations: Her Looking over the city, Her Joaquin Phoenix in his fancy apartment Joaquin Phoenix listens to his fascinating new OS, Samantha Theodore Twombly listens to music on the beach with Samantha Amy Adams shows her documentary in Her Joaquin Phoenix and his computer Samantha, voiced by Scarlet Joaquin Phoenix on a date with Olivia Wilde in Her Rooney Mara as Phoenix wife in Her Joaquin Phoenix and Spike Jonze filming on the street Spike Jonze visualizing the city in Her Spike Jonze directs Joaquin Phoenix' yellow shirt in Her Spike Jonze directing Her Warner Bros congratulate Spike Jonze Best Screenplay Best Director: Fighting For The Last Spot Best Posters Of 2013: Her Joaquin Phoenix looks across the cityscape Call From Samantha Spike Jonze's love story, Her, could well surprise a lot of More Phoenix in Her close-ups Joaquin Phoenix in pinkish red Joaquin Phoenix having fun, but not really.. Joaquin Phoenix in Spike Jonze's Her