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Sarah Paulson in black-and-white on SAG red carpet

"It starts to feel like it's not been written by an American" - Sarah Paulson talks Carol

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Actor Sarah Paulson recently sat down with the film stage, and in it she praised the scripts sparing use of dialogue, and it's ability to say a lot without over-stating anything at all.

"It's what we don't say. People over-write things, they over-act them. You know this is a movie where none of that happens. And I think that's why people are probably so, "what is it about this movie? It's hypnotic. There's something so otherwordly about it.""

"...It starts to feel like it's not been written by an American... maybe because it wasn't so overly full of dialogue. It was so spare." Paulson praises Phyllis Nagy, who wrote the screenplay, saying "she did an incredible job."

"In the world, I just feel like we're so used to in television and movies, as viewers, I think we need more and more and more to be stimulated by. So no longer does the simple thing sort of seem like it's enough for us until you see something like this movie and you kind of go, 'the story is so simple and so pure'. And I think that is part of the reason it resonates."

"Just telling a story, simply and honestly, and with actors who are telling the truth." She believes it is sometimes important to understand the technicality behind the production process, where the camera is, lighting, etc.

But her trust in David Haynes and the cinematographers on the film ensured that she did not feel any need to ask questions regarding where the camera was. But in the interview she keeps coming back to the script.

"I think I was just responding to what was on the page. I thought Phyllis's script was incredible beautiful and detailed."

Source: TheFilmStage

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