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"Arseface" Revealed in New Poster for AMC's Upcoming Comic B

Seth Rogen Reveals Arseface at Wondercon, Admires Ian Colletti's Performance

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Overnight we posted that Seth Rogen had revealed the look of one particular character from the Preacher comic book series at Wonder Con.

The image of Ian Colletti as 'Arseface' gives us an up-close look at the character of Eugene, who reportedly isn't referred to by his nickname in the pilot, revealing a disfigured face not quite as gruesome as in the pages of the comic but accurate enough to depict a pretty cringe-worthy appearance.

Rogen back in January discussed why he didn't want to depict the character's appearance as accurately as in the book: “There had been something online that existed of some test that someone had done that looked exactly like how it looked in the comic, and as soon as I saw that, I knew we should not try to make it look exactly how it looked in the comic, and we should take some license and try to make it something maybe a little more … palatable, I guess might be the word.

"And we wanted the character to being sympathetic and ultimately, like, someone you really rooted for.”

Rogen also admitted that CGI was not something they could afford when the pilot premiered at SXSW: “We could never afford that in CGI – it’s a prosthetic rig. That poor little f—er has to wear that s–t on his face. He has a positive attitude about it, but I know it f—ing sucks. He (Colletti) can emote a lot even with the thing on his face.”

Source: Collider, Uproxx

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