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Star Wars: A New Hope

AlexanderNoah AlexanderNoah You can write off the Star Wars series really easily. It's talked about nonstop through every decade. Your audience who are Star Wars "fan boys" are likely the most boisterous fans of any film series. Unlike many others, it's a series to whole variety of people and that's why it's made so much money through the years.

It will always be one of the few series known to create trilogies so many years after the last trilogy in the series. Director George Lucas has remastered the original films so much it has got to the point of being very tiresome. All of these things are a bit much but still I can't deny what great art Star Wars: A New Hope is. Of course, this is the Star Wars movie that started it all.

In the simplest way I can describe it, the plot of A New Hope consists of enemy and empire leader Darth Vader taking Princess Lea (Carrie Fisher) hostage. A hotshot named Han Solo (Harrison Ford), two droids named R2-D2 (who has major plans of the empire) and C3P0 and basically a young kid named Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) are the main keys to saving the galaxy. At the first glance, the plot seems a lot to comprehend even if it is so original. It comes down to good characters that help the plot work.

Han Solo is exactly Harrison Ford's personality; so cocky and such a scrooge it's hard not to like him. Luke Skywalker is really the ultimate underdog character and it's just make you wish Hamill had a career outside of this series because he brings so much to this character. Princess Lea is what a princess should be; she's sexy and much more likable then the other princess characters around. Darth Vader right from the start gives off the vibe of an ionic villain and he's the character you want to see more of even if he is the villain.

Really, even the droids have some character development where as C3P0 is nerdy and a clumsy fellow and R2-D2 is always willing to be in the big moments. This classic gets even better once you realize how well it's made. For a film made in 1977, it seems so new and effects that are acceptable even now. There is action that never lets up and the third act action really is something. From the desert area where Luke grew up to the many spaceship scenes, the settings are really chosen well which is really something for film from the 70's. Even more, it has a 70's-type charm that is not dated still. Basically in a nutshell, I am saying that this first installment of the Star Wars series is timeless.

Very few films come close to what this film is. This is the type of cinema that comes around in once a lifetime for a person. Even though I am a bigger fan of the Star Trek series (please don't shoot me fan boys!), I can still can get into Star Wars quite a bit. It might be cliche to say but Star Wars is surely something special.


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