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Super (2010) Review by Popcorn On Couch

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Frank (Rainn Wilson) is an ordinary fry cook married to Sarah (Liv Tyler), who he perceives as “perfect." Eventually Sarah decides to run off with Jacques (Kevin Bacon) a wicked drug dealer, Frank is left devastated.

After watching a Christian TV Program about a superhero, Frank attempts to transform himself into the Crimson Bolt armed with a wrench to “Shut up crime!” partnering with a crazy sidekick (Ellen Page) along the way.The trailer portrayed Super as a happy comedy parody, while watching the movie I was surprised at how dark and quite depressing it was.

Super is a unique, dark and twisted movie containing many laugh out loud moments mixed with violence and sometimes shock which I enjoyed. Super blends comedy, drama, tragedy and violence smoothly together in a well-made superhero movie. Strangely I loved this movie, and though people may criticise how it tried to be too many genres it was nevertheless executed effectively. I liked the different emotions it made me feel throughout the movie, and all the characters were great.

I think the movie was well cast. Libby (Ellen Page) was insane, getting a thrill out of all the violence, making a gory mess throughout the mission and gaining a weird attraction towards her mentor the Crimson bolt. Her character, which was also my favourite, added fun and chaos to the movie. The Crimson bolt and Boltie together were like two unhinged maniacs attempting to stop crime in a brutal manner.

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