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Incredibles 2 (2018)

BlairwolffNoah BlairwolffNoah It feels like forever and even longer than 16 years but Incredibles was something in late 2004. At a time when Pixar Studios was being carved into what it was today, Incredibles was the animated superhero film that was different with how it dealt with the 1960's aspect, what being a family meant and coming from fame director Brad Bird, it's used a lot of his style. A film that did so much for Pixar in such a large amount. Incredibles 2 was long overdue. (Duh)

Following the events of the first Incredibles film, The Parr family is still living under a secret identity as being a superhero is still illegal. After the town bank is robbed by the villain Underminder (what a great opening scene that was), the "Super Relocation", a program which forces superhero's into more power and protects them. Winston Deavor, a tycoon wants to make superhero legal again and wants the Parr Family as the main spokesmen/fighters for it. The teach cliche villain Screensaver is in the way everybody plan though.

More so than ever before, a parenting aspect comes into this plot that a parent can really get into. You watch such great development from all around as Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) struggles to be the stay-at-home-dad as Elastigirl is fighting crime and is away from the house. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is the stressful mom as she tackles a lot. Even along the way, you even get more characters as you see more of Violet (Sarah Vowell) growing up and dealing with junior high issues. Superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) is back in his solid way given more to do and he's one angle to look at as a sequel. Give credit to that same stellar voice performances as they do what need to do working well in fine animation. And yes, even baby Jack-Jack is something MUCH more in this.

Director Brad Bird is the hero we need for the summer and to add to the legacy of Pixar. He takes such a risk on a sequel that should have happened so long ago. It might be the old narrative and easy to expect but Pixar delivers the goods again to this family film. Please, we need more of this gang of superheroes on a daily year basis.

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