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'The Sopranos' Creator on his Jealousy of 'Mad Men'

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Speaking at Vulture Festival, The Sopranos creator David Chase was candid when he sat down with TV and film critic Matt Zoller Seitz. He admitted spending decades unhappily writing for network TV before Sopranos.

That being said, his biggest piece of advice for young writers trying to break in is "if you get a job, just take it. You'll learn." The creator believes himself extremely lucky to have gotten Sopranos on the air in 1999, and if he could make the same show today, he responded coyly with "my understand is things have changed."

The creator seems humble enough, eager to share gratitude for his writing staff and his cast, and believes Sopranos was born mostly from luck than his own work. He cited Terence Winter, the mind behind Vinyl and Boardwalk Empire, as the writer he relied on the most.

Matthew Weiner also spent time in the writer's room on Sopranos, and as we knoow Weiner went on to create Mad Men for AMC. It's a feat that most impresses Chase, who described jealousy of how good Mad Men was. "I couldn't have done that."

Source: indiewire

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