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The Way Way Back (2013)

The Way Way Back (2013) Review

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On paper The Way Way Back seems like a simple coming of age movie about a 14-year old on summer vacation making unexpected friends at a water park. Although it is simple, there is more to it. It’s about Duncan’s life as an awkward teenager and him having to put up with his family while always feeling like an outcast. But during his vacation we see him come out of his shell as he finally finds a place where he belongs and meets people who actually care about him.

14-year-old shy and awkward Duncan (Liam James) goes on summer vacation with his mother (Toni Collette), her boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell) and her boyfriend’s daughter (Zoe Levin). In this movie we see Steve Carell play the obnoxious douchebag boyfriend, which is different from his typical funny and loveable character role. Duncan dislikes Trent as he always belittles him and doesn’t treat his mother right.

To escape the annoyance and drama of his family, Duncan cycles around and finds a water park where he surprisingly fits in and becomes friends with the kind and care-free Owen (Sam Rockwell). Owen understands Duncan, despite their difference in age they have a strong connection and a good friendship. While working at the water park under Owen’s influence, Duncan’s character evolves from an awkward outcast and becomes a more confidence, fun teenage boy. Duncan learns how to have fun, talk to his crush Susanna (AnnaSophia Robb) and finds somewhere he belongs during his summer vacation.

The Way Way back is a good coming of age movie which was well written and enjoyable to watch. The strong supporting cast which consists of Maya Rudolph, Allison Janney, Rob Corddry and River Alexander added some humour to the movie. With most of the funny moments coming from Sam Rockwell who played Owen well, in a charming, quirky and witty way which made his character fun and likeable. Liam James did a good job playing Duncan; his conversations with his love interest Susanna were cute and sincere.

I really liked this movie, it was simple but heart-warming and enjoyable to watch, The Way Way Back is definitely worth your time.

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