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Top Five Bill Murray Films

StinaManley StinaManley Guess who’s birthday is today… If you guessed Bill Murray you are correct!

To celebrate this icon birth date, let’s go ahead and reflect on our favorite top five films of Bill Murray!

Top Five Bill Murray Films

5.) Zombieland

It may have been a very short cameo that Bill Murray had in the film Zombieland but this film landed on the number five spot.

In the zombie apocalypse, our four survivors head to Hollywood and take refuge in Bill Murray's mansion.

When they come across Bill is appears to be a zombie but it turns out it all makeup…

Little zombie apocalypse isn’t going to hold back BM!

Bill Murray
Bill Murray

Of course they live out our dreams by role playing Ghostbusters with Venkman.

Gives us a couple of giggles…


4.) Groundhog Day

Did you ever feel that everyday is exactly the same?!

Well Bill Murray sure experienced that in this film.

Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day

He was a weatherman who was covering if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not which would mean that Spring is coming or Winter is staying.

3.) What about Bob?

Ooooh BOB!

Bob struggles with having phobias of almost everything.

He start seeing a psychiatrist, and after one visit Bob decides that he needs to visit his doctor everyday, so he follows Dr Marvin to his vacation retreat.

The Doctor family warms up and loves Bob, but the Dr Marvin, himself struggles with having Bob around all time.

The Adventures of Bob driving his Doctor crazy!

2.) Caddyshack

Bill played more or less a maintenance man for the Country Club; Who could seriously forgot these EPIC scenes?

The Doodie in the pool was nothing more than a Babe Ruth…

After cleaning out the pool, He realizes that it is a candybar and was not going to let that bad boy go to waste. LOL

What about the showdown with the Gopher?!

1.) Ghostbusters

Bill plays Dr Venkman, a scientist and with his team they capture ghost in NYC.

This film is such a classic that after thirty years they are doing a reboot with an all female cast.

These ladies have some BIG SHOES to fill, but I’ll be excited to watch it nonetheless.

Thank you Bill for the giggles/laugh/chuckles! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next! Happy Birthday!

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