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Batman and Superman Stare Down

Trailer Review: Batman vs Superman

filmsRgood filmsRgood WOW! Two weeks, two trailers. This is amazing right? Wellllll........

The first scene of this trailer is amazing. The verbal battle shown between Clark and Bruce is great and fun to watch. You get the impression they both know who each other actually are but they aren’t going to show that in public. Bruce’s line where he said “I’ve got bad experience with freaks dressed like clowns” is amazing. But I think that is the only good thing in this trailer. The rest, in my opinion, is rubbish.

The scenes of Batman and Superman fighting were okay but they didn’t give me Goosebumps like the Civil War fighting did, it didn’t make me jump out of my seat. Also how many “greatest lie in America” are there Lex? You’ve said that line with a different ending about three times man. I guess the commentary from Jeremy Irons is good but it’s nothing different. The whole trailer looks like it was shot through an orange-black filter; the colouring of it really looks odd to me. I think it was edited incredibly. Poorly.

Now, let’s get to what it ruined… why do studios think their audience are brain dead we don’t need to see the entire movie compressed into 3 minutes to want to see a film? The last trailer was immense and it didn’t give the whole film away. Look at Star Wars, we have no idea what is happening in that film. Some people may find some plot in the trailers we’ve got but they have to look for it, unlike this trailer. This trailer gives away way too much. We now know the story beat for beat now, well we can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure we do. Of course I am talking about the reveal that everyone was sort of predicting, we just didn’t want to see it, that Doomsday is in the movie and Lex is using Zod’s body to create this ninja turtle-like monster.

Seriously, it looks awful! This trailer ruins the ecstatic feeling we should get when we see the beginnings of the justice league start to form. We should be sat in the cinema seeing that for the first time, where the hair on the back of our necks will have stood up. But now we’ve seen the money shot. We were left with so many questions from the last trailer and this trailer answered them all, I hated that!

This trailer was definitely made for the general public rather than the fans but they still seem to think that the general public are morons and need the whole movie spoiled for them. Whereas, the comic con trailer was made for the fans and it was amazing. The Civil War trailer was brilliant, which is probably bad for this but it was still amazing. That trailer made me forget how excited I am for Star Wars for like a week. All the Batman v Superman trailer just made me think about was how much I want Star Wars to be good.

Another thing I took away from this trailer was Ben Affleck and how mesmerizing his performance will be. I can’t believe I ever had any doubts about him being Batman. He is such an outstanding actor and I am so happy he is going to be involved in this superhero universe.

I am still absolutely pumped for this film the trailer has not hurt that but I’m just annoyed we weren’t give a good trailer. Hopefully we don’t get another one.

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filmsRgood filmsRgood

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