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Why Comic Book Adaptations Might Not be Good for TV and Film

HaydnSpurrell HaydnSpurrell Comic book writer Garth Ennis has been trying to see his cult classic 90s series Preacher come to life in film or TV for nearly 20 years now, but he's not the first to admit that the modern obsession with comic book franchises may not be good for the other mediums.

Ennis is concerned about how this wave of comic book adaptations may be affecting the entertainment world. On the surface, his opinion is ironic. But it speaks volumes to what has unequivocally become rooted into the modern conscience.

"I am seeing TV and film audiences - mainstream audiences - educated in the world of the comic book with crossovers and guest appearances. If you're watching Deadpool, here's an X-Man who pops up. If you're watching the Green Arrow show, here's the Flash.

"And mainstream audiences are being educated to expect that," he said. "I'm not sure that's a particularly healthy development for creativity and story, but it is unquestionably going on."

Preacher is a series initially heavily influenced by film and television to begin with. "There is a nice sense of the thing coming home - because that's where all its influences are from, the screen."

He's understandably more invested in his creator-owned work, as opposed to his superhero stories that belong to the "big two." That sentiment makes complete sense, and the more dramatic, standalone regions of the medium may prove to be a better place to mine from going forward.

Source: Decider

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