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Richard Linklater

'21 Years: Richard Linklater' celebrates the career of the godfather of indie

JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong It's hard to believe twenty-one years has passed since Richard Linklater exploded onto the American independent scene with is non-narrative gem, Slacker.

Slacker paved the way for many directors to follow in his footsteps, most notably Kevin Smith, who speaks in this documentary making light that Slacker gave him the kick up the arse to go make his movie, Clerks.

21 Years: Richard Linklater looks back at the career that has seen Linklater weave in and out of genres, whilst always maintaining his innovative style. We are treated to interviews with many of his long time collaborators, such as Matthew McConaughey (Dazed and Confused, Bernie), Jack Black (School of Rock, Bernie), Ethan Hawke (Before trilogy, Boyhood) and Julie Delphy (Before trilogy). All give us an insight into the mind and work ethics of Linklater, along with a few funny personal anecdotes that are beautifully accented in animated sequences.

21 Years: Richard Linklater is a beautifully played out documentary that gives us a truer understanding of a director who is only now beginning to achieve acclaim with wider audiences. Linklater will always be a strategic and visionary director, striving to push the boundaries of independent cinema.


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