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The LEGO Movie reigns supreme at the box office

Box Office: The LEGO Movie reigns supreme atop the box office

JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong This past weekend saw the release of two big films— with both delivering impressive weekend numbers.

The LEGO Movie came out on top with a staggering $69.1M— which is the second in the all time list of February debuts. Only The Passion Of The Christ ($83.3M) brought in more in the month since records began. In terms of "original" animation debuts, The LEGO Movie ranks among some big hitters. Up ($68.1M), Dr. Seuss' The Lorax ($70.2M), The Incredibles ($70.5M) and the current record holder, The Simpson's Movie ($74M) all brought in big opening weekend numbers. That's incredible company for The LEGO Movie to be a part of.

WHAT CAN WE ATTRIBUTE TO THE lego movie's success?

Many factors. The LEGO brand is incredibly strong and pretty much played a part in most children's childhoods since it's creation in 1949. We've all enjoyed them tiny building blocks, with great memories to show for our many hours of fun. Another key factor was Warner Bros. linking cult figures to give the film a pulling presence. Lego Batman is one of the key characters in the narrative— so with his marketability and the fact that superheroes are cinemas in flavour, it strongly helped it's cause. 

a sold start for THe monuments men 

Coming in second this past weekend was The Monuments Men, which brought in a solid $22.7M. That's the highest opening weekend for any film directed by George Clooney. Marketed to appeal to a more adult audience; it's strong cast and truth based narrative gives The Monuments Men a good chance of making a healthy profit, even if it's received mixed reviews from critics.

Ride Along, not surprisingly, lost it's number one spot this weekend but managed to hold on to third place, bringing in a moderate $9.3M. Ride Along is now the first movie of 2014 to pass the $100M total gross marker.

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