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Meryl Streep sings in Ricki and the Flash

Ricki and the Flash Review

AmandaGee AmandaGee I went for Meryl Streep and I came out loving Diablo Cody even more. Ricki & The Flash is so incredibly heart warming and beautiful. Diablo Cody never fails to make a film that has so many emotions coming together with one very serious issue that leads to many other serious issues. It really does tell the story of how women are always perceived as the bad ones if they want to pursue their dreams or put their work before their children. That is the struggle with this film and there is no other actress that I could have seen as Ricki because Meryl is the embodiment of what a strong woman is and should be. The movie was inspirational and it brought me to tears at certain parts. It was a really great family movie, it was so incredibly moving.

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AmandaGee AmandaGee

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