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Sarah Silverman, I Smile Back

Sarah Silverman shines in Dramatic Role

AmandaGee AmandaGee Sarah Silverman, known as a stand up comedian gives the performance of her career in a serious role in I Smile Back. Firstly apart from how brilliant Sarah was, the film was an excellent way to inform audiences how severely challenging depression can be. It plays with your mind, it causes you to say things that you never thought you would say or do things you wouldn't dream of doing. Silverman was outstanding it was a very strong performance not only from her but the entire cast. The film in its entirety was beautifully shot. It was raw, it was effective, it was the most straightforward way to present audiences to the subject matter of depression as well as alcoholism, drug addiction and anxiety. The family dynamic was well written and all in all it always came back to Silverman being a mother and it makes you really think especially under those circumstances of what could happen and what could have been done. Sarah Silverman is absolutely incredible in this and it really is a roller coaster of a ride from the beginning of the film.

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