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Brad Bird reveals an interesting subplot to 'Tomorrowland'

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Disney Insider recently interviewed 'Tomorrowland' Director Brad Bird and in the interview Bird gives away an interesting subplot to 'Tomorrowland' that many people wouldn't of had noticed.

Here is the excerpt from the interview that revealed the subplot:

Disney Insider: There’s a subplot that’s alluded to in the deleted scenes where Nix is stealing artwork from earth and taking it to Tomorrowland.

Brad Bird: Yes. And when we had a family staying at Casey’s place, there were news programs that talked about the art theft and later Frank watches it too. But it seemed to take up too much time for not enough pay-off, so we just cut it. But it’s an interesting idea that they would protect art.

Would you of liked to see this plot play out in 'Tomorrowland' ? If you want to read the full Brad Bird interview with Disney Insider. Check it out here!

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