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Finding Dory: The Spectacular Sequel

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter 13 years after Finding Nemo we finally get the highly anticipated sequel known as Finding Dory. The sequel lived up to the original and it may of surpassed it. Spoilers ahead!


Unlike the first film where it was about finding a clownfish, this film was about finding Dory's parents. On the surface that sounds like a super generic plot but it wasn't. Dory suffers from short term memory loss so she doesn't remember where her parents are. Suddenly she starts remembering. This leads Dory, Nemo, and Marlin on an epic journey through the ocean. The film had many twists and what was expected didn't always happen. Dory's memory would start coming back every so often. The film was more about Dory believing in herself then actually finding her parents which was intriguing.


Ellen DeGeneres voicing Dory is something that can never go wrong. Albert Brooks as Marlin delivered some hilarious lines throughout the film. The new voice of Nemo sounded exactly like the original voice. Ed O'Neil voiced the octopus, Hank who has a very short temper. The voice cast was fantastic. The real MVP of the voice cast wasn't Ellen, Ed, or Albert Brooks. It was Sigourney Weaver and the comedy that came along with her being a voice in it. (Reference may be foggy for people who haven't seen the movie yet).

Fun Fact: Andrew Stanton, the Director of Finding Dory, is the voice actor for the popular character Crush.


The direction of the film was clear. Andrew Stanton told a fantastic story with Finding Nemo and he did an even better job with Finding Dory. The film doesn't have any slow parts. Between Ellen's comedy and the constant action it is very hard to get bored while watching Finding Dory.


Well the characters were just as good as the actors and actresses voicing them. Dory, Nemo, and Marlin are the recognizable characters. Dory with her comedy and forgetfulness, Nemo with his courage and bravery, and Marlin with his concerned and overprotective personality. The new characters really stole the film. Hank, the frustrated old octopus, had great interactions with Dory. Destiny, a whale shark, is near sighted and a lovable character. Bailey is a whale that gets a concussion (voiced by Ty Burrell). The new characters really make the film more enjoyable.


Finding Dory had great backgrounds and animations throughout the whole film. The ocean looks great and the movement of each characters looks different from the other.

Final Thoughts

Finding Dory helps Pixar reclaim its rightful spot as top leading animation studio. The Walt Disney Animation Studio has been on fire with hits like Frozen, Big Hero 6, and the critically acclaimed Zootopia. Also with Moana coming out the studio doesn't look like it will slow down. Finding Dory gives Pixar diehards the reassurance that they are still the top dogs despite Disney's recent spectacular track record. Director Andrew Stanton gives us a great sequel to the original Finding Nemo. After seeing Finding Dory, I wouldn't mind seeing a third film. Let the dreaming begin! Finding Marlin? Finding Crush? Finding Hank? or maybe just Finding Nemo or Dory 2.

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ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter

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